Casement Windows Houston TX

Casement windows Houston TX

Whether you want panoramic views or bountiful breezes, Casement windows are a great choice. Similar to awning windows, these windows open wide from the side using a crank handle.

They also provide superior draught proofing and enhanced ventilation compared to double or single hung windows. However, this window style can add up quickly depending on the options you choose.


There are a variety of window styles that homeowners can choose from. Some include double and single-hung windows that open by sliding sashes within frames; awning windows that swing from the bottom for fresh air circulation; bay and bow windows to create scenic views; and casement windows that hinge along one side to be opened with a hand crank.

The minimalist design of casement windows exposes a large pane of glass for clear, unobstructed views. The sleek design complements modern homes and blends well with the clean lines and angles found in contemporary architecture.

Unlike sliding windows, which often stick and require constant adjustment, casement replacement windows open smoothly with an easy-to-use crank handle. They are ideal for hard-to-reach areas, such as behind sinks, and allow for full sash ventilation with minimal effort. They are also energy efficient, shutting tight against the frame to prevent air leaks. This feature makes them one of the most effective home improvement options available, saving homeowners on energy costs all year round.


The open-and-close operation of casement windows allows for airflow throughout your home, eliminating stale indoor air. They also offer the benefit of tighter sealing than many other window types, which can help reduce your energy bills.

The hinged one-side design of these windows makes them easier to reach and operate, especially for people with mobility issues. They can be opened with a simple crank handle, providing unobstructed views and allowing for more natural light and fresh air in the home.

Depending on your needs, you can easily adjust how far the windows open to let in a slight breeze on a cool day or to fully open them to combat the summer heat and save on utility bills. You can even choose a special coating that blocks out UV rays to preserve your interior furnishings. This is a great option for those wanting to improve their home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal. The wide expanse of unobstructed glass offers uninterrupted vertical views and a clean look.

Energy Efficiency

The angled design of casement windows allows them to open at various angles, funneling cool breezes into your home. They are also easy to clean and can be cranked open to ventilate areas of the house not reached by other window styles.

Clear Views

Many homeowners choose this window style because they offer unobstructed views and can be opened fully without the muntons (grid lines) that block a double-hung window’s view. They also provide a wide range of ventilation, especially when cranked open at a 90-degree angle.

This window offers excellent energy efficiency, as the tight seal reduces air leakage. This prevents heat transfer in the winter and keeps your HVAC system from overworking to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year, reducing monthly utility costs. You can further increase energy efficiency by choosing windows with a low-emissivity glass coating or insulating gas. This is an additional cost but one that can help you save money on your energy bills over time.


When you choose casement windows from Renewal by Andersen, your new replacement windows will offer a wide viewing area and unobstructed views, thanks to their slim frames that eliminate bulky sashes. They also come with a variety of custom-made styling options that are compatible with your home design, from interior frame color to built-in screens and glass grille patterns.

Their hinged design allows your new windows to open outward with a simple crank, letting you catch side breezes and funnel fresher air into your home for ventilation. This makes them perfect for homes in crowded areas or tight spaces where other window styles won’t fit.

When closed, a casement window forms an airtight seal that helps keep cool indoor air inside and hot outdoor air out, saving you money on your energy bills. You can even get a model with performance sash systems that block out UV rays, preserving your carpet and furniture from sun damage and premature fading.