Door Styles in Houston TX

Door styles Houston TX

Door styles are a vital aspect of any home, adding both style and security to the property. Replacing your front doors is one of the easiest ways to boost your curb appeal.

Choose durable wood entry doors that are designed for Houston’s humid subtropical climate. They have floating panels to adjust to springtime winds and hardware dowels for added strength.


The Shaker cabinet door style is a popular choice for clients looking for clean lines and simplicity. This cabinet construction style is framed with long pieces of wood called “rails” and “stiles.”

The doors have a basic flat center panel that is framed by two rails and two stiles on top and bottom. This gives it that recessed look.

This simple and timeless design works well in most homes and has a very classic feel to it. Many of our clients like to add a triple step shaker bead to this cabinet door style to give it a little more detail and designer look. This door style is also great for frameless cabinetry and can be used to mimic the look of inset cabinetry.


Whether you live in the mansions of River Oaks or the quirky homes of Houston Heights, a modern door can bring a premium look to your home. These doors can be made from steel or fiberglass and are characterized by clean lines and minimal hardware. They are also a good option for homeowners who want an energy efficient front door with low maintenance.

Front doors with glass elements let in natural light to brighten your entryway and elevate your home’s style. Choose a single window panel in the door, sidelights on one or both sides, or an overhead transom window.

The Houston area has a humid subtropical climate, so you need an insulating door with a high U-factor. Wood doors are a great choice for this area, and Pella offers durable wood doors that are engineered to endure the weather conditions here.


Stylish homeowners in Houston enjoy the eye-catching effect of a glass front door. They allow more natural light to enter, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day and saving on electricity costs.

They are also the perfect choice for a high-end luxury home, rustic bar, or small business. They pair beautifully with any window type and can be made in a variety of colors, including solid hues and frosted or tinted glass.

Intentional outdoor spaces are a big design trend, and having a glass door opens your living room to the patio or backyard. The clear visibility of a glass door may also be used by thieves or intruders to look into your home, so consider a frosted option for privacy purposes.


Screen doors are ideal for Houston homes because they let in the breeze and keep flies, mosquitos and other pesky insects out. This is especially helpful during the warmer seasons, when it’s often a relief to let some fresh air into your home.

Custom screen doors are available in a variety of designs and materials to match your style preferences. For example, you can choose a wood screen door that has mortise and tenon construction, similar to cabinetry, for durability and strength.

PCA also offers a line of attractive handcrafted aluminum screen doors that are made in the USA. These are designed to be a permanent feature of your home and can stand up to the elements without bending, twisting or warping. You can find these in specialty home improvement centers and lumber yards across the country.


From the traditional mansions of River Oaks to the row houses of Houston Heights, this Texas city boasts an impressive range of residential architecture. Its diverse architectural styles have inspired innovative and challenging design solutions. The front door is an important part of this mix, welcoming family and friends and enchanting passersby.

Wood doors are a beautiful choice for any home, but they’re susceptible to swelling and warping in humid climates and require regular upkeep. In contrast, fiberglass front doors are durable and resist dents and rot. They’re also stylish and versatile, complementing any traditional or mid-century home.

Black is a timeless color that can look beautiful on any front door. Its effect can be either calming or energizing, depending on your home’s color palette.