Double Pane Windows Houston TX

Double pane windows Houston TX

Double pane windows (also known as dual or insulated glass) are an energy efficient alternative to traditional single-pane windows. They feature a layer of air or argon gas between two window panes, providing a barrier against extreme summer and winter temperatures and decreasing your energy bills.

Double pane windows also reduce noise pollution by eliminating outside noises from penetrating into your home. This makes your house more comfortable for you and your family members.

Energy Efficiency

Having new, double pane windows in your home makes all the difference in how it interacts with the weather. They keep the sweltering summer heat out and the cool temperatures in, saving you on energy bills every month.

These energy efficient windows have a layer of air or gas between two window panes which insulates the home from harsh weather conditions. If you select argon gas, this helps to further increase energy efficiency and creates a barrier that prevents hot air from entering your home during the summer and cold air from escaping during the winter.

Not only does this help to lower your energy costs, but it also reduces greenhouse gases and helps protect the environment. Despite the initial investment of double pane windows, they can easily pay for themselves through lower energy bills. This makes them a great choice for homeowners looking to improve their overall quality of life in their homes.

Increased Home Value

The investment of double pane windows is an excellent way to increase your home’s value, especially if you are considering selling it down the line. They offer many benefits that are attractive to prospective buyers, including lower energy costs and noise pollution.

The spaces between the window panes are filled with an insulating gas, such as argon, which slows drafts and reduces energy leakage, helping to cut your heating and cooling costs significantly. The insulated glazing also helps to protect your furnishings from the harsh UV rays that can cause color fading and sun damage.

Additionally, the insulated glazing helps to muffle sounds from outside, such as traffic, lawn mowers and crying babies. This provides a quieter home environment and allows you to enjoy movies, music and conversations more comfortably. This can help you get a better night’s sleep. Additionally, newer windows are made from safe materials, which are better for your family’s health than older windows that may have been made with lead or asbestos.

Reduced Noise

Having custom double pane windows installed may reduce the amount of time you spend removing and re-installing storm windows each spring and fall. This frees up your time to tackle other items on your home improvement to-do list or simply enjoy a stress-free lifestyle.

The two panes of glass are separated by an air space, which significantly reduces noise intrusion. This is beneficial for homes located near busy roads or airports where noise pollution can be a significant problem.

If you would like an even better sound-canceling solution, you can choose to have your double pane windows upgraded with Low-E glass. This option fills the space between the window panes with argon gas, which offers enhanced insulation from heat and cold and significantly reduces outside noise intrusion. You could save up to $500 per year in energy costs and reduce exterior noise by 25%-50%. This alone makes double-pane windows worth the initial investment. Energy savings and reduced home energy consumption are also attractive features for potential future buyers when you sell your home.

Reduced Electricity Bills

Window replacement with double pane windows reduces energy bills by reducing the amount of heat that leaks into your home and keeps your indoor air warm. It also lowers outdoor noise pollution caused by traffic, construction and noisy children and birds.

Single pane windows cost less upfront but will result in a higher utility bill over time as they do not provide the same level of insulation. Double pane windows can save you 20%-30% on your energy costs over the course of a year.

The space between the two glass panes of a Double pane window provides an extra layer of insulation. This means less heat will escape your home in the summer and cold air will not leak into your home during our short winters. Additionally, many of the top-rated energy efficient double pane windows have argon gas fill between the panes which significantly increases thermal efficiency. The gas is odorless and slow moving which further protects the home from outside temperatures and climate changes.