Front Entry Doors Houston TX Say a Lot About Your Home

Your entry door says a lot about your home, and it needs to be strong enough to keep out intruders. It also needs to be energy efficient and attractive.

The front doors of Houston-area homes often take a beating from moisture-laden air and heavy winds. Choosing the right replacement front doors will enhance your property’s value and improve its energy efficiency and durability.

Energy Efficiency

Your front door makes a statement about your aesthetic values, but it also serves as a barrier that keeps out weather elements and intruders. It should also be strong, sturdy and require little maintenance. If your existing door is aging or worn out, it may be time to replace it with something that offers greater durability and energy efficiency.

Choosing the right material for your front entry door is critical, particularly in Houston’s hot, humid climate. Steel entry doors, for example, outperform insulated fiberglass and wood doors when it comes to keeping your home cool.

Fiberglass entry doors are a popular choice for Houston residents, as they offer both durability and energy efficiency. Their polyeurothane core prevents heat transfer and reduces drafts, helping your home stay cooler and more comfortable. They also have a lower SHGC than many other options on the market, meaning they block more of the sun’s heat and light from entering your home.


The front door does a lot more than let people into your home. It creates a visual boundary that says, “This is mine,” while also providing a secure barrier to protect what you love most. It’s important that your new front doors be able to stand up to the elements, keep out intruders, and look beautiful for a long time.

The materials that are best for entry doors in Houston vary depending on your needs. Fiberglass doors, for instance, are thick enough to insulate your home while looking great and reducing your energy costs. Steel doors are another popular choice for homeowners looking for maximum security. They are made from incredibly strong metal-clad composites that can withstand impact from flying debris, prying, and other threats.

The experts at Southern Front can help you select the right door for your house based on your preferences and requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of exterior and interior doors or to schedule a design consultation.


Your home’s entry door isn’t just a welcoming face to your neighborhood, but it should also be strong enough to keep burglars and intruders out. Investing in a steel security door Houston TX is one of the most effective solutions to deter burglars from entering your property.

They have reinforced frames that make them more durable than your average door, able to stand up to more forceful ram-raids than most other types of doors. They are also available with a multi-point locking system that can prevent the door from being pried open.

Moreover, they are not just a good option for your front door but for your patio and back doors too. Southern Front Doors provides homeowners with a variety of different options to choose from so they can get the style and sturdiness they want, anywhere in their house. You can also find these doors in a range of colors and skins to match the design of your home.


Whether your home is a sleek contemporary in Memorial Bend or a two-story stucco beauty from Houston’s Spanish Revival period, your entry door should reflect your unique architectural style and deep appreciation for quality. That’s why we offer a wide variety of exterior door designs from which to choose.

We offer fiberglass, steel, and solid wood front doors that combine sophisticated style with energy efficiency and lasting durability. Fiberglass doors are available with glass inserts that range from minimal to full and can make your home both inviting and visually appealing. Steel and solid wood doors are forged from 24-gauge metal and feature compression foam weather stripping to keep out both the elements and potential intruders.

Moisture-laden air, high winds, and salty sea breezes can wreak havoc on ordinary entry doors, wearing them out before their time and undermining their performance. That’s why we recommend installing a front door that can stand up to these harsh conditions while delivering unsurpassed style, value, and security.