Patio Doors Houston TX – The Portal to Your Outdoor Living Space

Patio doors serve as the portal to your outdoor living space. A quality door and a proper installation will ensure that your home stays comfortable while maintaining energy efficiency.

Patio doors come in a variety of sizes and styles. The best patio doors are made with insulating materials and are professionally installed.


Featuring large expanses of glass, sliding patio doors open up your indoor living spaces to the outside. Unlike traditional swinging french or patio doors, which hinge and open outwards, these windows glide on a track to save space and create a seamless outdoor extension of your home.

These doors can be upgraded with window treatments to temper the intense summer sunshine or provide additional privacy, from standard shades and built-in blinds to between-the-glass blinds. You can even upgrade the look of your patio door with sleek contemporary hardware and minimalistic finishes.

Enjoy your natural surroundings with the expansive views and fresh air that these doors offer. Cover Glass Houston carries high-quality patio doors, with premium double pane insulation, from leading manufacturers.


French patio doors are a classic, timeless addition to your home that embody elegance and functionality. With their large glass panels, these doors allow a generous flow of natural light and offer unobstructed views.

They can be customized to complement your style by selecting from a variety of hardware finishes and grille patterns. For a traditional aesthetic, choose brass or bronze hardware finishes and traditional or prairie grille patterns. For a modern aesthetic, select chrome or matte black hardware finishes and cross or custom grille profiles.

Energy efficiency is also a major benefit of these doors. Combined with proper sealing and insulation, they can help reduce your heating and cooling costs by keeping your home well-insulated and letting in natural light.


This hinged patio door style is a good option for homeowners with limited space because it doesn’t require a swing out or in. It also provides a full view of the outdoors thanks to flush-glazed glass. It is rot-, corrosion-, and weather-resistant and easy to clean. It also comes with all hardware – including the door handle – so it’s relatively easy to install.

These doors are designed to meet thermal and solar requirements, local energy codes, and green building efficiency standards. They feature a durable frame, premium double-pane insulated glass, and top-quality hardware. They are available in both in-swing and out-swing models and can be customized with blinds or grids between the panes.


Patio doors are an ideal way to connect your interior and outdoor spaces. They add a modern look and offer plenty of natural light to make rooms feel bigger. They’re also an affordable way to add style and value to your home.

Whether you’re looking for a single-swing door or a long line of double patio doors, our experts can help you find the perfect match. We’ll use precise measurements and expert installation to ensure that your new patio doors will fit perfectly and operate smoothly for years to come.


Expand your home’s view and bring in more natural sunlight with a triple patio door. Unlike standard sliding doors, these doors are center-hinged and swing open and closed instead of sliding on tracks. This allows you to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing privacy and safety. Plus, the full-length composite edging increases moisture and water protection. And the superior draining system channels rainwater away from the door. This door style is also available in impact-resistant models.

These doors are a stylish blend of weather protection and energy efficiency. They meet stringent energy codes, and the premium double-pane insulating units help reduce your home’s cooling costs.


Your patio doors are a crucial link between your indoor and outdoor space. Whether you want to increase light and air flow, or just elevate the look of your home, we can provide you with quality options that fit your needs.

JELD-WEN Premium Vinyl patio doors are affordable and contemporary, allowing natural light to illuminate your home while increasing energy efficiency. Composite skins do not rust, dent or split, and full-length composite edging increases water protection.

Fortify your home against extreme weather and hurricanes with impact-resistant patio doors. This stylish blend of security, energy efficiency, and design will elevate your home’s beauty. Available in a wide range of widths and styles, these doors are a great choice for both new construction and renovation projects.