Sliding Glass Doors Houston TX

Sliding glass doors are a great way to let in natural light and are popular among homeowners. They’re also considered to be a good insulator.

However, these windows can have their drawbacks like energy loss, sun glare, and privacy issues. This is why many homeowners opt to use home plantation shutters for their sliding glass doors Houston TX.


Bare sliding glass doors are exposed to the sun’s harsh glare and UV rays. A great solution is installing interior shutters for your patio door that provide a refined and enduring window treatment solution.

Available in full-height for optimal light blocking and privacy, cafe-style for letting in sunlight from the top while maintaining privacy at the bottom, or tier-on-tier with separate top and bottom panels for versatile control, wood and faux wood plantation shutters deliver superior light control, privacy, temperature regulation, and an elegant aesthetic.

Other popular options include horizontal blinds that feature oversized panels with consistent overlapping for a classic look and vertical blinds that provide floor-to-ceiling coverage and come in a wide selection of modern fabrics that complement living spaces from NRG Stadium to Memorial.

Hurricane Proof

Hurricanes can reach tremendous levels of destructive power that could destroy any home. As a result, property-owners should invest in replacement windows with hurricane glass to minimize damage.

Hurricane-resistant sliding doors can protect you and your belongings from debris during a storm, deter break-ins, and reduce harsh sunlight. They feature double-pane tempered glass, a laminated insulating film, and an impact resistant frame that meets the ASTM F-1223 forced entry standard.

The CP 155 sliding patio door from Reynaers is ideal for homes in tropical climates. This premium insulated sliding door features a minimalist middle section that allows homeowners to maximize glass space while increasing comfort. The system also includes a range of opening options to suit your needs. It meets Miami Dade NOA and Florida building codes, and it carries a DP65 and HVHZ rating.

Textured Glass

Sliding glass doors let in ample sunlight and create a seamless connection to the outdoors. They’re popular for Houston homes, from the mid-century moderns of Memorial to the Mediterranean-style homes of Piney Point Village. They’re also a good fit for contemporary homes, with their clean lines and minimalist hardware.

Textured glass adds a level of sophistication to any home. The etched, frosted, or colored glass can help protect privacy, or it can simply enhance the look of a door. It can even be used for sidelights next to the front door or in a small window above a sliding patio door, known as a transom window.

For added protection and privacy, you can install blinds between the glass panels of your sliding door. These offer more insulation than regular curtains, and they can be lowered or pulled up as needed without getting in the way of opening or closing the door.

Low-E Glass

If you want your home to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without sacrificing natural light, consider Low-E Glass. This is a transparent coating that can be added to standard clear glass, lowering its emissivity and reflecting thermal radiation (heat) while still transmitting visible light.

Additionally, it can reduce glare. For a quick DIY test, hold a lit match or pen light to your window at night and look closely. You should see four reflected images. One of them will be a different color, which indicates that your windows have Low-E Glass.

Low-E glass is available in many variations, each tailored to specific climate zones and project needs. Combining it with multiple panes of glass and gas fills, like Argon, can further increase energy efficiency.

Glass Seals

If you notice moisture accumulating in the corners of your sliding glass doors, it is likely that their seals have become worn and broken. Moisture accumulating in the corners of double-pane windows is often due to faulty seals, and it can cause problems with the temperature control in your home.

Door sealants are a good solution for sealing the gap between the glass and the frame of your door. These seals are easy to install, and they can reduce the risk of leakage. They also help to keep out moisture and dirt from your home.

First, you need to remove the old seal by pulling it downward near the edge of the door. It will usually slide right off, but it may require a little patience and muscle. Next, clean the area where the seal sat. You can use a cleanser to get rid of hard water minerals, mildew, and soap scum.