Top Door Styles in Houston TX

Your front door should be inviting and welcoming while offering ironclad protection for your family. It should also complement your home’s aesthetic and match its architecture.

Many homeowners like to add glass elements to their doors, such as sidelights and overhead transom windows. This allows more natural light to enter the entryway and elevates living spaces.

Classic Panel Door

One of the most popular interior door styles in today’s market is the panel door. This style features sections of recessed wood on the surface, framed by rails and stiles on either side. Panel doors are extremely versatile and can be customized in numerous ways to match any design sensibility, including traditional, farmhouse, modern, contemporary, and rustic.

Choosing the right panel door for your home requires careful consideration of multiple factors, including architectural style, room function, and personal preference. A classic panel door offers timeless design that matches well with most interior decor and architectural elements.

The panels on a classic interior door can be square, octagonal, or rectangular. The number of panels, their size and arrangement, and the varying materials used to create them all help to determine which specific architectural style they will complement.

French Door

When it comes to adding style to your home, few doors look as beautiful as French doors. They’re perfect for bringing natural light into your living space and connecting you with the outdoors on sunny days.

Originating in 16th and 17th Century France, French doors were crafted with glass panes that extend from top to bottom. These doors offered a sense of regularity and proportion that was well suited for Renaissance architecture ideas of the time.

Today, there are many options for this popular door style. They can include simulated divided lites with grilles bonded to the inside and outside of the large glass panels, or they may feature true divided lites with individual panes that are separated by muntin bars.

Regardless of the design, you can also choose from several combinations of energy-efficient glass to optimize comfort and reduce sound. These exterior doors are available in both single and double-swing models, and they can be paired with either traditional or modern styles.

Arched Interior Door

The Arched Interior Door style is a simple but impactful way to add visual interest to your home. These doors are available in a variety of designs, and they can be made from wood or glass. They can also be customized to fit your specific taste and architectural style.

These doors can be used in place of conventional square doors to create a more open and airy space. They are especially useful in areas with limited floor space. They can also be used to add a sense of height to a room. Common arch pairs feature details that span both doors, and they are available in a range of shapes, including flat, true, and Tudor arch styles.

When choosing a door for your home, it is important to consider the purpose of the room and your family’s needs. You should also think about the neighborhood and your style preferences. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, it is easier to choose the right doors for your project.

Modern Door

Whether you are looking for a door style that complements your contemporary design or you simply want something that is low maintenance, a modern door could be just the right choice for your home. Modern doors can be made of several different materials, but the most popular is fiberglass because it is inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Mahogany doors are another popular option that can provide a rich look to your home. They are also stainable which can give you or future homeowners the ability to change the color at any time. This type of door is also resistant to rot and insects which can add longevity to your entryway.

Another material you may consider is iron. This type of door is heavy and offers a lot of protection, but it can also add to the overall look of your home. Iron doors are durable and can last for generations, but they will require more maintenance than wood or fiberglass.