Window Styles for Homes in Houston TX

Window styles Houston TX

Window styles can help define your home’s aesthetic. They are a big factor in resale value and curb appeal.

Double-hung windows offer classic style and plenty of ventilation options. They feature two operating sashes that move up and down and tilt inward for easy cleaning.

These are great for Traditional homes and can be upgraded with ENERGY STAR to lower your energy bills throughout the year in Texas.

Single Hung

Single hung windows have two sashes, but only one can be operated. They can be opened from the bottom for ventilation, and can also tilt inward for easy cleaning.

These windows are less expensive than double hung windows and offer sufficient ventilation. They fit well with most home styles, and they are often used in historic homes for an authentic look. They are thought to minimize air leakage, and improve energy efficiency in a home. They don’t open outward and can be difficult to clean from outside.

Double Hung

If you want to increase ventilation in your home, double hung windows are the way to go. They have two operable sashes that can slide up and down, allowing warm air to escape through the top sash and cooler air to flow in through the bottom.

The sashes also tilt, making it easy to clean the interior and exterior of your windows. They’re available in a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes to suit your home style and budget.


These windows hinge from one side and open outward like a door, making them ideal for improving ventilation in your home. They can also be installed as transom or awning windows.

The sleek window frame design of casement windows offers a modern look to your home. These frames can be combined with grille patterns to create a more traditional aesthetic.

They’re an energy efficient choice with the ability to incorporate thermal breaks and argon filled glass. Investing in these will give you a high performance window for your Houston home.


Awnings are a great way to enhance your outdoor space while offering shade and reducing energy costs. They are a stylish option for homeowners who want to add a touch of elegance to their custom patio, front porch or second floor balcony.

They come in a variety of colors and can be customized to fit your home or business. They are also designed for durability and style. Some awnings are even retractable, saving you time and effort.


The beauty of bay windows can transform your home, creating a room that’s ideal for relaxing or entertaining. These eye-catching windows are typically three-sided and jut out from your home’s exterior wall, providing panoramic views, enhanced natural light, and expanded interior space.

Like bow windows, bay windows are a great choice for homeowners looking to add a unique flair to their home. However, while they are similar in many ways, they do have their differences. To learn more about these unique window styles, give us a call today.


Bow windows are crafted from four or more window panels that create a gradual curved appearance that elevates your home’s exterior. They’re perfect for homes with exterior walls or corners with at least 80 inches of space.

Similar to bay windows, they can add three-dimensional style and provide additional natural light to your home. They can also be used to create a relaxing read nook or seating area. They’re a great addition to any home with a modern or traditional aesthetic.


Vinyl windows are among the most energy-efficient types on the market, keeping summer heat out and winter heat in. They are also fade-resistant and highly customizable in terms of color, hardware, and simulated divided lites.

Bay and bow vinyl windows protrude outward from a home, adding space and a panoramic view of the outdoors. Sliding vinyl windows slide horizontally on tracks and are ideal for homes with limited exterior space. Awning vinyl windows hinge at the top and open outward, allowing ventilation even during light rain.


Wood windows add a classic touch to any home. They also have natural insulation properties that can help homeowners reduce their energy bills during the sweltering Houston summers.

They’re available in a wide range of finishes and designs to complement any architectural style. Plus, today’s wood windows are engineered with durable aluminum clad exteriors to resist the elements and maintain their aesthetic integrity.

Customize them even more with a choice of grille patterns and hardware options. And, when properly maintained, they can last for a lifetime.