Window Styles for Your Houston Home

Window styles Houston TX

When selecting new replacement windows Houston homeowners have a lot of choices. Some are functional and based on specific needs like energy efficiency or protecting a home from harsh weather conditions.

Others are based on aesthetic preferences or home design. These include window materials that withstand Houston’s summer heat and humidity, trim/casing options and decorative grille patterns.

Double-Hung Windows

When it comes to new or replacement windows for your Houston home, double hung windows are an excellent option. They offer superior ventilation, ease of cleaning and improved safety features compared to single-hung windows.

The movable upper and lower sashes on this window type make it easier to open the top or bottom for airflow. This allows warm air to escape from the top and cooler air to flow in through the bottom, which improves your home’s energy efficiency.

These windows also come in larger sizes, making them great for second-story rooms that are difficult to reach without a ladder. However, they tend to cost more than single-hung windows because they have more movable parts. They may also require more maintenance and repair work over time.

Casement Windows

Unlike traditional sliding windows, these unique window styles hinge along one side and can be opened with the turn of a crank. They’re also among the tightest-sealing options available, reducing drafts and air loss.

Depending on your home, you can select between out-swing and in-swing casement windows. Out-swing options open outward and provide unobstructed views, and can easily be positioned to reach hard-to-reach areas of your home.

Casement windows are perfect for living rooms because they allow as much natural light and ventilation as possible without compromising views or window treatments. Additionally, high-performance Low-E4 glass reduces harmful UV rays that can fade your furniture over time.

Bay Windows

Bay windows create a dramatic effect for your home, adding elegance and style. These three-sided windows gently protrude from the exterior of your house, allowing for expansive views of your landscape and more natural light in your home.

Standard bay windows feature a picture window at the center flanked by smaller windows set at an angle. Oriel-style bay windows feature a rounded appearance with corbels, and are ideal for homes that want to make a statement.

Replacement bay windows are typically less expensive than new construction windows, since they don’t require a lot of framing work. However, if you opt for a larger bay window or one with extra features, the costs may increase. Ask your contractor for an accurate estimate before committing to the project.

Awning Windows

Unlike other window styles that open by sliding or swinging inward, awning windows hinge at the top and open outward. They are ideal for high walls that would otherwise be difficult to reach, and they provide a good level of ventilation without letting rain into the home.

They also help increase energy efficiency by creating a tight seal when closed. This helps to control the temperature of the home and save on heating and cooling costs.

Awning windows are available in a variety of materials, including wood and composite. They can be painted or stained to match the decor of the room. If you choose wood, it’s important to keep them well maintained to prevent rotting and other damage. Fiberglass and vinyl windows are also great choices for homeowners looking for a combination of aesthetics, performance, and durability.

Fixed Windows

If you are looking to add value, enhance the curb appeal of your home, or save energy, new windows can help. They can also provide peace of mind that your home is more comfortable and safe.

A popular option for homeowners, bay windows are designed with panels that extend outward in a graceful arc to bring an elegant flair to your home’s exterior. They are an excellent choice for expanding living spaces while letting in ample natural light and offering gorgeous panoramic views.

Sound barrier windows minimize noise infiltration by absorbing and dampening the cacophonies of busy streets, lawn equipment, or barking pets. Crafted from high-quality materials, they provide an effective shield while allowing in abundant natural light. They are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, basements, nurseries, or tall hallways.