Window Styles Houston TX

Window styles Houston TX are a key element of a home’s overall aesthetic. They can dramatically impact views, natural light, air circulation, and temperature.

Double-hung windows feature a classic design with two operating sashes that slide up and down, giving you control over ventilation. A more traditional option than slider windows, they are a great choice for many types of homes.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, creating a small awning when they are opened. They are popular among homeowners because they provide ventilation and unobstructed views while reducing energy costs.

These windows pair well with other window styles and can be installed anywhere that suits an operable window. They are often found in kitchens above sinks and counters, and they also work well in basements.

For homes in bustling areas, sound barrier windows are a great way to minimize noise infiltration from street traffic, lawn equipment, and barking dogs. This window style uses advanced materials and technology to create a soundproof shield.

Bay Windows

For homeowners looking to expand their homes with new construction or window replacement in Houston, bay windows are a strong choice. They protrude from the wall to create a cozy, sunlit space and feature an open design that allows for ventilation.

This window style is typically comprised of three windows that project outward, enhancing your home’s ambiance with beautiful panoramic views and increased natural light. They also increase the amount of useable interior space. To get the most out of your bay windows, look for a provider that offers quality materials and a comprehensive warranty. These features can ensure your window installation in Houston is durable and energy efficient.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are similar to bay windows but offer a more rounded appearance. They consist of three or more windows in angled projections and create a more spacious area inside for window seats, reading nooks, and other features.

Like bay windows, bow windows provide a panoramic view and more natural light in the home. They are more expensive than other window styles, but their beauty and functionality add value to the property.

Bow windows include a meeting rail and check rail to hold the sashes in place. They feature insulated sills and double-strength, Low-E glass with Argon gas to maximize energy efficiency. They are also available with clear glass, which provides a classic look and unobstructed views.

Double-Hung Windows

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows in Houston, double-hung windows are a great choice. These windows are easy to maintain and offer improved ventilation and better energy efficiency.

Unlike single-hung windows, double hung windows allow you to open the top and bottom sashes of your window for airflow. This allows the cool air to enter while the warm air stays outside.

Double-hung windows are also easier to clean than single hung windows, as you can tilt the sashes in and out, making them ideal for second floors and multi-story homes. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials to match your home’s aesthetic.

Casement Windows

With their hinged design, casement windows open and close like a door, eliminating gaps and air leakage at the sashes. They’re also energy efficient, easy to clean, and secure thanks to multipoint locking hardware.

Unlike double-hung windows, casement windows don’t have eye-level check rails or meeting rails that obstruct views. This means they let in more natural light and provide a clear view of the surrounding landscape.

Likewise, their simple designs complement minimalist home aesthetics. The windows also open outward at an angle to allow side breezes that help keep your home cool. In addition, they offer superior ventilation that can’t be achieved by double-hung windows.

Fixed Windows

For homeowners interested in enjoying picturesque views and letting in more natural light, picture windows provide a simple solution. These large windows are inoperable and don’t include glazed bars, making them ideal for boosting curb appeal without compromising energy efficiency.

Window installation services help homeowners choose the right home windows for their specific needs, aesthetic goals and budgets. They can also recommend products that meet ENERGY STAR requirements, which can significantly reduce home energy costs and prevent environmental damage caused by excess heat or moisture.

If you’re in the market for replacement or new construction windows, visit a Houston-area showroom to browse a wide range of window styles. Many of these companies offer a number of add-on options, including shutters, baths and coating.