Casement Windows Houston TX

When it comes to home improvement, casement windows are a great choice. They are hinged on one side and open outward with a crank handle, providing unobstructed views and ample ventilation.

They also offer a tight seal when closed, which helps reduce your energy bills. Learn more about this unique window style to see if it’s right for your Texas home!


If you live in a hot climate, it’s important to keep your home’s air as fresh as possible. This helps prevent short-term damage like moisture buildup and long-term foundational decline.

While double-hung windows have sashes that open vertically, casement windows swing outward on a hinge, allowing for maximum ventilation. This feature makes them a great choice for spaces that need frequent air movement such as kitchens and bathrooms, while also offering clear views and enhanced energy efficiency.

Additionally, casement windows don’t have obstructive muntons like traditional sliding windows do, making them easier to clean. This is especially useful for hard-to-reach spaces like behind sinks and bathtub corners.

Unlike double-hung windows, casement windows also seal tightly when closed, eliminating gaps that can leak air. This improved seal reduces your energy costs and keeps your home more comfortable in any weather.


When locked from the inside, casement windows cannot be opened from the outside. This feature, combined with their tight seals and special coatings, makes them an excellent choice for keeping hot air and harmful UV rays out of your home, saving you money on energy costs during Houston’s humid summers.

Unlike double-hung windows, which have muntons, or grid lines that block views, casement windows provide clear sightlines. They also open outward like doors, so you can get fresh air in areas that may otherwise be difficult to reach.

Whether you need commercial replacement windows or residential ones, Statewide Window Solutions offers visually stunning options. We carry beautiful casement windows from top-rated manufacturers including Milgard. We can also install custom glass packages to help you save energy and lower your utility bills. We can even add a gas infill such as argon to boost your comfort and reduce UV rays that cause carpet, furniture, and paintings to fade.


In addition to their superior ventilation and security features, casement windows are attractive and complement many different home styles. Their minimalist design exposes a large area of glass for an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They are also easy to open and close with a single crank. This makes them ideal for areas of the house where it may be difficult to maneuver a sliding window or door.

Like awning windows, casement windows act as a wind funnel when fully opened and can provide refreshing breezes inside the home. They are a good choice for living rooms and bedrooms, where their wide-open views and superior ventilation can help improve airflow.

Unlike double-hung windows that have sashes that move up and down, casement windows can be opened completely without leaking air. They are also easier to clean than sliding window styles because their hinges swing outward, allowing you to reach hard-to-reach areas like those above sinks or appliances.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike sash windows, casement windows open outward with the turn of a crank handle. They provide wide, unobstructed views and can be installed in hard-to-reach areas. They are also available in out-swing and in-swing versions, depending on your preferences and needs.

In addition to offering beautiful style, casement windows in Houston offer excellent energy efficiency. Their tight seals prevent heat loss in the winter and air leakage in the summer, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs. You can further increase your energy efficiency with options such as low-E glass and window tinting.

The hinge design of Casement windows makes it easy to clean the glass from inside your home, without having to use a ladder. You can also add screens to your casement windows if you live in an area with a lot of direct wind. These features make them a popular choice for homeowners who want classic beauty with modern function.